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Everything was set for the move on Monday. Movers scheduled for Tuesday, Uhaul pick up at noon, installers coming on Wednesday.

There is one problem! Monday morning, I get a call saying that the lenders are still tied up with the paper work. Apparently when the house was surveyed, the guy named the property as 123 Generic North Rd instead of 123 N. Generic Rd.

This was enough to stop the entire lending process and once they halt one aspect of the process they stop everything entirely. Every day has been waiting and calling and stressing out. I only took this week off for the move and have a business trip next week so this really has to get done ASAP.

What pisses me off is our Mortgage broker who signed with the lenders. I’m thinking to myself, “WTF is supposed to be flexible about a closing date?!” This is not a date you f*ck with damnit. It’s not something you can just say “yeah, we’ll see how it goes.. maybe in a few days.” These people act like they’ve never loaned money before. It’s totally ridiculous. Don’t ever pick up a loan from Provident. They have awesome interest rates and are solid lenders but their paper work process has a reputation of royally f*cking people.

I just have to hope the seller stays calm and doesn’t decide to break the contract which he’d be well in his right to do… but then the house would go back on the market and he’d have to hope another buyer comes a long. I’m a pretty patient person but this is really wearing on my nerves. At the earliest, the closing date will be Thursday now. 😦