So I discovered today that Qwitter isn’t such a good idea. First, I’m not sure I care if people lose interest in what I have to say. Most of what anyone has to say is of little meaning unless you actually have a vested interest in the person.

“Iron Council down! rune of death pwns face! fun times. good raid tonight”

That seems like a reasonable post by a WoW podcaster right? Or did I get something wrong? OH! That’s right, WoW podcasters don’t actually PLAY WoW!

Anyhow that one post had seven people stop following me immediately. I was a bit baffled. If anything, I thought I would have lost followers from my Gay Rights retweet post earlier. NOPE. Apparently Raid Progress is more taboo than political/religious beliefs! lol.

I thought about disabling Qwitter but now I’m a bit more curious as to what interest people and what doesn’t. As I lean more towards revealing my RL side, how many people lose interest in my meta/wow side OR vise versa.