Yes, if you’re gay and you know it, clap your hands
If you’re happy and you know it, slap yourself for voting for someone who doesn’t believe you deserve to be happy!

So yes, Obama was probably the lesser of two evils. He was the champion savior of our nation!! He’s going to be the glue that puts our nation back together! He’s the second coming! Of course, anyone would seem that way after eight years of Bush.

What completely drives me insane is hearing the fellow gay community stand in outrage about Prop 8 and the lackluster movement for equal rights of homosexuals. You practically carried in Obama into office on a platter of gold, frankincense and mirth! He made absolutely no move to stand up for gay rights. His VP pick outright said that they don’t believe that gays should have the right to marriage.

Yet you laud him? He chooses pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration. This is someone who has made a clear deliverance on his beliefs about gay marriage and abortion rights. There had to have been other choices and clearly he’s picked the voice of the majority. People make excuses for him left and right, saying Obama tries to choose middle ground to pull everyone together and therefore he’s allowed to turn his back on certain issues.

I say, the easiest way to be popular is to not fight anyone and agree with everyone and stand up for nothing. It’s those who aren’t afraid to be hated and loathed who are willing to fight.

So yes, I’m laughing at all of the Obama fanatic gay rights activists who thought somehow once he was elected, he’d see the light and decide equal rights for gays was something he’d magically put on his agenda.

And that’s what happens when you settle. So now we wait quietly until a voice emerges that is our own.

If you’re gay and you know it, shame on you for voting for someone who doesn’t have the balls to believe you deserve to be happy.