When people first get to know me, they often wonder where my profound pessimism comes from. Do I want to be such a negative person? Absolutely not. People who are optimistic and hopeful always seem happier (duh) and live longer lives.

I’m so pessimistic that I’ve become indifferent to life so the long life bonus doesn’t even mean anything to me. So how did I get so brutally negative?

I think it’s because I have such an amazing trust of people. I always meet people and expect the best out of them and that everyone around me has the same opinions about respect and empathy.

To me, I might be brutal but when it comes to how I treat other people, I do my very best to make everyone around me happy or feel good about their existence. Even if I hate someone, I still get a high out of doing things to make them feel good about themselves.

The only time I get hurtful to people is if I feel threatened or misused.

For example, a friend of mine from high school used to come up and visit me every so often. However, as soon as he got here, he left the house to go hang out with friends he had elsewhere etc. Soon, he would show up without asking, take my house key without asking and leave. At a certain point, I finally felt like I was being played for a fool and stopped returning his phone calls.

So my rudeness usually stems form “radio silence”- it’s my mechanism for not going off on someone. Although, some of my friend say it’s far worse to get my silent treatment than to be yelled at. (guess I still feel like it’s better to not say anything than to regret what I said)

And lately, it seems like the only people who get in contact with me just WANT something from me. Whatever happened to just enjoying being with someone..just enjoying them for the sheer pleasure of existence.

Just recently in WOW, someone who I thought was my friend..someone I invited into my carass which I hardly ever do because I’m protective of my group, turned there back on me. He just decided it wasn’t worth his time to participate anymore.

It was one of those “kkthxbai” moments that make you say “wtf! this is why you don’t make friends anymore” And maybe there is more to the story but you’d think there would be more courtesy involved like maybe “talking your issues over as a friend?”

When you’re young, you think the opportunity to meet great people will be numerous. As it turns out, the best of friends I made where from high school. Perhaps it’s because we are too vastly flawed as adults to start fresh? We come with too much baggage I guess and we carry that into all of our new relationships.