Ron Paul Hosts Third Party Press Conference
(aired on C-SPAN September 11, 2008)


Only 6960 views when I watched this. More people watched Britney Spears “Womanizer” video than this. Not that it’s their fault. I’m 100% positive that it was suppressed by all media. Besides, the majority of the American people prefer flash over substance.
We have chosen complacency and laziness over information, rights, and liberty.

I am not a sheep, never have been, probably never will be and it doesn’t make my life easy. Yes, I’d love to chime in with my peers, believe what they believe because it’s obviously easier. I wish I was one who got off on sucking off the lips of maple syrup buzz words and phrases that make the average television whore cum radically in their pants. Since when did people stop seeing the larger picture of what makes America the country it is?

The media will have you shaking scared into believing that if you don’t walk the black and white path they want to sell to you, that this country would find itself lost forever. The truth is that there is very little besides a great huge ocean that separates the US with the rest of the world. We hold onto a golden belief that our societal structure, our economic security, and global power is solid, unwavering, and unmovable.

However, I think that just like a Jenga piece, you start to take critical structural pieces out and you’ll find your perfect tower crashing down.

Just look at Katrina and New Orleans. This “perfect shining example of civilization” that the US boasts to the rest of the world. It was broken down in a matter of seconds when life was threatened, liberty was up for barter, and justice was completely absent. We WANT to believe that our society and communities would uphold the belief system that is the rock, solid foundation of this country. We WANT to believe. And that’s why we ignore our own internal logic and do things without question.

A two party system in the country where NEITHER parties uphold the values that can keep this country in check is a failed system. Instead of race between two qualified leaders who promise to uphold the constitution, protect the liberties of the its citizens, and will fight to secure us from foreign compromise, we get a horse race that amounts to nothing better than a Miss America Pageant sponsored by our beloved media.

I know I always fight the main stream. I know it always looks like I do things simply because they aren’t the norm. I’ve always felt there wasn’t something right about this election… about either the Republican and Democrat candidate. It never sat still with me. The media continues to ignore the fact that neither of these candidates have real solutions but just broad promises that sound OH SO TASTY to the masses. But if you actually look at the consequences of their promises, you have to wonder if not only we’ll be even further into debt but will anything really be solved? And if we continue to use force to secure our global positioning, if we’ll inadvertently compromise all the rights this country used to stand for…

So I’m going to vote third party this year I think. I looked into this site

Basically it works when two people who were going to toss their vote to the republican and democrat nominee because they were the lesser of two evils both agree to vote for a third party candidate instead. This way, it doesn’t throw the vote to one of the primary sides but cancels out the two main stream choices and shows that maybe it’s time for reform in our political system.

I will be researching a third party candidate this year and hopefully will be able to find a vote pact partner and vote my conscious.