It’s always a little offsetting when you discover a new type of culture online. It’s part of the exploration/discovery part of being a metazen. You just never know what types of communities or groups are out there.

I was on youtube watching videos of people freaking out in offices and going ballistic. Mainly, I was watching them because my friend was having a super bad day at work and I wanted to link him some videos of people throwing monitors to help him feel better.

However, if you know how youtube works, some key words tend to over lap regarding the description of the videos. The next think I know, I’m watching a Britney Spears video and then from there moving to how to apply make up. Because I’m not a girly girl and hardly ever put on make up, I’m always fascinated in girl culture. It’s nice to see the side of xx that I never really get to experience. So all these girls kept talking about haul haul haul haul. I’m thinking to myself, wtf is a haul?

Apparently, it’s this whole culture of women or men online who like to video themselves prepackaging their cosmetics, bags, clothing, or any consumed item really. It seem to be heavily cosmetic driven but the jest of it seems it’s more along the lines of the glamour world.

The reason it feels like a this totally subtle fetish to me is that it’s all about really appreciating packaging, assembly, colors, textures, and feeling. It’s giving someone that tactile experience of sensory connection to the product. It’s that feeling you get all over the surface of your skin when someone speaks about something with enthusiasm and passion.

Also, it seems like it involves those who are heavily into shopping. hehehe. Crazy. I guess I should have known a culture like this would emerge. What better thing to use youtube for than to help those who love to consume, share what they consume. I know people who are very passionate about shopping and all they want to do is share the details of their purchases with you.

Video blogging allows them to do this at any time and for all their purchases. I should do a HAUL video for the expansion release of World of Warcraft. 🙂

Here’s a link to the Anatomy of a HAUL video:
Anatomy of a Haul Video
1. Packaging – Box, envelope, bag
2. Product – Cosmetics, handbags, clothes, shoes – no restrictions
3. Touching – opening of packaging, product displaying, color name or number
4. Testing of product
5. Price paid / Display of Receipt
6. Location of Purchase(s)
7. Demeanor and helpfulness (or lack of) of sales associate
8. Hopes / Desires of future purchases
9. Plans on returning or exchanging any or all of items / Possible regrets
10. Caveats to other buyers (Don’t buy the Neo Sci Fi line, don’t bother with the sale, etc.)