The new social mediums are a hoax it seems. Although we might feel like these tools are being developed to help enhance the communication of our meta selves, they’re actually diluting our very essence.

Okay, that’s a little melodramatic. But take for instance this new form of connectivity. Plurk. It’s a bit like Twitter but even more degrading in terms of actual human communication. Seriously, facebook, myspace, friend book, twitter, whatever else is new out there. They’ve all filtered out any real human thought outside of “I had cheese for Breakfast” and “On the train to work” or “I LOVE tofuu in the rain”

Seriously? This is what we’re down to in terms of communication via the meta? How are you seriously supposed to get to really KNOW anyone anymore.

I guess the thing is that the general population isn’t into blogging. I understand not everyone has four to five paragraphs to spill out a day. And for them, twitter and plurk are perfect. But lately, it feels like everything is so vapid and separated.

There are just too many mediums to keep up with and we’re all so segmented into those dozens of communities throwing out tid bits of our minds into a void…with no cohesion or real connection. And everyone just accepts it and moves onto to the next best networking site.

There’s no real home for us who exist in the meta. What most of us do is just grab onto whatever portal they have out there and we latch on as best we can. But we all know that we’re just renting space in the next temporary fad.

I just want to click my heels three times and spam/blog/twitter “there’s no place like home”